Whitefield Global School, an educational initiative of Chalasani Education Trust, has classes from Primary to Senior Secondary and follows CBSE pattern of curriculum. The school believes in progressive growth of the child hence has adopted a 3-step process of developmental curriculum: Basics, Fundamentals and Heuristics

Our curriculum is designed keeping in mind the school’s mission of offering high quality education that is integrated with high moral values and age-appropriate skill building. It ensures growth of each individual child and prepares them to play a constructive role in building a strong and safe nation.

WGS’s education imparts strong character, stronger mind and sharper intellect to the students. We believe that knowledge is inherent in every man and the role of a teacher is to help manifest this knowledge by removing the obstacles in his way. Hence, WGS’s teacher is a facilitator who invokes the spirit of inquiry in the child under the bias-free guidance of the guru. Such education is not restricted to text books or enclosed within the four walls of the classroom alone. We believe & practice in exposure to nature, technology, life and professions. We even encourage students to explore, enjoy, experiment and inculcate the inquiry, self-learning and yearning for learning through other non-formal means including the internet. We refuse to produce machines or robots but insist on creating human beings with  a heart and soul, who learn to laugh away at their failures  and get up to try again.

‘If a child is not learning the way you are teaching, then you must teach in the way the child learns’, said  Dr. Howard Gardener, an American Psychologist, who refuted the long held assumptions that people are born with a uniform cognitive capacity.  His theory established the existence of multiple intelligences in children. This theory reaffirms that each child is equal and yet different from others in their own unique ways.

Our belief in this theory of multiple intelligences, has led us to frame our curriculum that caters to children with different spectrum of intelligences. Teachers are trained to identify each child’s cognitive ability and tune their teaching-learning methods according to the varying needs of the children. We believe that the purpose of schooling must be to help children reach vocational and non-vocational goals that are appropriate for their spectrum of intelligences. Children who are helped to do so feel more engaged and competent and therefore more inclined to serve society in a constructive way.

Owing to this belief, our classrooms are lively and inter-active and help every child to learn the way he is comfortable given his unique spectrum of intelligences. Classes in WGS are a treat to the eyes and a memorable experience – frankly one of its kind. Participative learning, learning through project works and the sentences like “you knew it”, “we will learn” that reverberate in our classrooms transform the class-rooms into activity theatres. Children love the atmosphere where the teacher is not teaching but learning with them. They enjoy the thrill of discovering things for themselves.

WGS takes upon it the responsibility to nurture and grow a child into a complete human being by imparting an education that embeds Indian culture and values and yet gives him pace to move with the current and make him fit to survive in all situations.

Our Primary School lays a strong foundation and cements the basics required in all subjects and prepares the children to face tough competitions in the future. A literary period held every week provides children an opportunity to boost their creativity. Work experience and co-curricular activities help students showcase their latent talents. The induction of French as a Second Language at the primary level surely gives children an edge over others. Newspaper in Education (a Times of India Publication for schools)keeps them updated with the happenings around them and induces them to be creative through reading their compatriots in other schools and even writing themselves ( stories, poems etc.) and drawing pictures.

The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.  Its syllabus is as per recommendation of the board. In senior classes, the curriculum is the same as in all CBSE schools, but more important than curriculum is the approach of teaching which endears a school to its students. And that is where we make a lasting impact. Our students love their activity oriented learning process. They indulge in enacting of the lessons, group discussions and involve in exercises in simulation and problem solving and critical thinking. Students are made to feel part of the learning evolution through active involvement. In sciences emphasis is laid on experiments, making learning a joyful experience.

Overall, the school offers a holistic development of a child’s personality so that he/she becomes empowered to face future challenges and be a better citizen in tomorrow’s world.

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