Expert talk: Mr. P C Mustafa, Founder and CEO of ID

From an entrepreneur’s mind-baby to the closest friend of every home-maker, ID has a success story worth cherishing and Whitefield Global School had the pleasure to hear it from its ‘Father’, Mr. P C Mustafa, Founder and CEO of ID. Not only the company but also the founder himself had a fairy-tale story that he shared with the children. Life is not a fairy tale to be read, it’s a path to be tread, this was the core of his talk which took the children through five incredible stories shared from his life. Mr. Mustafa also had an impoverished childhood; born in a very remote village in Kerala to a porter, Mustafa faced the struggle for money all through his childhood. With his hard-work and sincerity, he journeyed from a school dropout to a school topper then to become an NIT engineer and finally to a successful entrepreneur. Mr. Mustafa’s first message to the youth is education at its right time is necessity for everyone. Along with education, it’s also important for any human being to pursue his passion. If a person has the ability to dream big he should make an effort to pursue it. Mr. Mustafa inspired the children on how he overcame several obstacles at the genesis of ID and learnt from them, concluding thus, that it’s good to make mistakes; men learn from their mistakes. \Mr. Mustafa also shared the laureates ID has achieved; ID is one of the core members of the New India campaign launched by the Indian Government; ID’s marketing strategy has been recognised as the best marketing strategy of India. Mr. Mustafa also urged the youth to lead their life on simple terms and keep things simple in life. He concluded his address with the following statement, “ Breakfast was a dream in my childhood, today ID serves breakfast to millions of people”. Rightly did he say, if a porter’s son and a school dropout from a remote village in Kerala can be the founder of a 1000 crore company, children from affluent cities, born with silver-spoon can create wonders.
The children were mesmerised by his talk and surely took back the lesson for life.

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