Expert talk: Ms.Priyanka Shylendra (Subject: Forensic Science)

A study extremely interesting, a subject intensely inquisitive and a field of dire need, Forensic Science is a sea of investigating fraternity. On 12 of October, Whitefield Global School had the pleasure of hosting Ms. Priyanka Shylendra, a woman intimately related with the crime investigation in India. She has done her graduation in basic sciences and masters in Forensic Sciences. She initially worked as one of the forensic investigators in London. Presently, she works in a Forensic lab in India. She also works with Future Organ Foundation, an organization that works for organ donation and organ transplant. The children had a very exciting and informative session with Priyanka. She elaborated to the children on the different genres covered under Forensic Sciences. She also demonstrated the different evidences and documents needed for the investigation of a crime. Forensic Science is a sea of information and evidences and it depends on the skill and efficiency of the forensic department to skillfully and efficiently come to a proper conclusion. Priyanka also answered to some of their queries on what are the different names given to different kinds of subject areas and evidences under testing. With over 30 million cases pending in the courts, 2.6 million cases under investigation and 2 lakh evidences pending in the Forensic lab in India, there’s a dire need of Forensic scientists in our country. For a country catering to 1.25 billion population, only 5000 forensic scientists aren’t enough to make up for the appeal of the masses. Through her presentation, Priyanka urged the future of our nation, the teenagers to take Forensic Sciences as one of their career options. It can be an excellent profession for those who wish to pursue a different passion, aspire to have a different future.

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