Yoga is the mist between the mind and the body; it helps to control the ongoing transitions within the body. On the 21st of June, 2018, along with several schools and organizations round the world, International Yoga Day was celebrated by the students of Whitefield Global School preserving its auspiciousness and sanctity. The Asanas and the Suryanamaskaras were carried out by the children under the supervision of Yoga trainer, Jyotish. However, the highlight of the event was a special Yoga-namaskara and Nadi Suddhi session conducted by the Isha Foundation. Any Asana or Pranayam conducted without apt knowledge of its outcome can never reach its desired destination. A special presentation by the Isha Foundation gave a mesmerizing illustration of the procedures and the scientific purposes behind the Yoga-namaskara and Nadi Suddhi. Teachers and students unanimously joined in for this meditative and tranquil session on the International Yoga Day.

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