Sciential Math’con

The long awaited Science and Mathematics Exposition, Scientia Math’con, held on Saturday, 3rd September, attracted much attention.
Class VIII tried to bring awareness among the people about the factors affecting our health and nutrition needs of the body. They explored new scientific, technological and bio-medical ideas in prevention and cure. They also worked on lifestyle and its relationship with good and bad health based on known facts and researches. Some of the attention grabbing projects were on traditional medicines and smoking which leads to cancer.

Class IX introduced the visitors to some of the ideologies behind Resource Management and Agriculture & Food Industry. Much research went into Development of various techniques for making efficient use of available resources and also new methods of conservation and management of resources. Work was done on various techniques to enhance agricultural production to achieve food security and to adopt techniques for preservation and conservation. Some of the highlight projects were cost effective cooling system of the building, indigenous design of easy fertiliser dispenser etc.

Class X took us into the world of Numbers and logic, the emphasis being on the mathematical ideas and tools to solve problems confronting society and thereby leading to a quality life. Some of the outstanding projects displayed by the young mathematicians were Forest fire and theolite.
Class XI and Ist PUC focussed on the burning topic of Disaster Management. Innovative ideas of how to make life in the future safe and secure were explained with enthusiasm; fantastic models on the flood alarm, rescue robot for various disasters and various precautionary measures for earthquake were prepared and presented by our upcoming innovators.

Class XII and IInd PUC transported us to the future of Industrial Development. They developed exhibits to help understand the importance of science and mathematics in various types of industries and develop means to increase its efficiency leading to production of different kinds of goods to meet the future needs of the growing population at an affordable price. Some of the spectacular models showcased by them were Infra Red Sensors, energy hub, radiant energy, powder metallurgy and conversion of plastic to carbon.
The Scientia Math’con was judged by our Chairman, Shri Purnachandra Rao and Guest of Honor Dr. Kothandaraman. The visiting parents and other guests were awestruck by the potential displayed by the students under the guidance of their mentors.

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