Six Thinking Hats : 6th Grade

“Six Thinking Hats” – The idea of parallel thinking.It provided a means for groups to plan thinking processes in a detailed and cohesive way.It identifies six distinct directions in which the brain can be challenged. Six distinct directions are identified and assigned a colour . The six directions are MANAGING BLUE, INFORMATION WHITE, OPTIMISTIC YELLOW, CREATIVE GREEN, INTUITIVE RED and CAUTIOUS BLACK. The 6th grade have implemented the concept of SIX THINKING HATS in their classroom for SST on the topic Diversity,Prejudice and Discrimination.The students were divided into 6 groups of four or five students in each and asked to discuss and prepare on the topic within a stipulated time.They were excited about speaking as well as making the hats themselves.They all worked in collaboration and one speaker from each group had put forward their presentation. Finally the deliberate focusing on diversity,prejudice and discrimination as needed during the collaboration session was successful.The students were very excited and finally glad to work in collaboration and present their views.

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