How parents and teachers need to understand and address the change in social and emotional behaviour of 8-year olds, was brought out beautifully through our signature open discussion program WE THE PEOPLE on 28/10/2017.

Build a Bridge – is the mantra. Lend a good hearing to what they say, give time to understand and guide. The questions encompassing

1. Is it time to get supported independence?

They can be allowed to perform few things on their own but definitely under supervision till they master it.

Parents and teachers gave almost same views that they are little confused about when they are expected to behave like grownups and when they need to seek help.

Students: Yes we love freedom but be around when I need you.

Our Expert Ms Gitanjali: Parents should stop being too protective and make the child more expressive. A child should be allowed to own his actions. Hence, it is very important to bridge empowerment and Independence.

2. Is it too much to do in too short a time?

It begins from getting up in the morning to managing school schedule where subject teachers are coming and going….

Teachers: Absolutely no, as there is always a transition time provided to the kids for any change.

Parents: Any change should be gradual and not sudden. Any trigger should be from the child’s side, based on his area of interest/concern and not because of existing peer influence/pressure.

Students: Yes, We get confused and forget the right thing to be done sometimes.

Our Expert Ms Gitanjali: Yes, at times. But, norms are set keeping the present generation child’s IQ and EQ into consideration. We should facilitate learning according to child’s interest.

3. How to deal with facts and fiction?

Parents and teachers almost shared the same viewpoint. They need to analyse the root cause of the problem before deriving any conclusions as to it is a fact or fiction. No anticipation, preconceived notions or prior templates should be framed.

Children: Yes sometimes I blame my friends just to take up against some other reason.

Our Expert Ms Gitanjali : She rephrased the question as “What should our alertness be when children question us?” What is our capacity to trust “true or false”?

According to her, everybody enjoys fiction. A child converts facts to fictions depending upon the answer and body language of an adult. Learning without fear is important. There should be a fearless relationship built between the child and teacher or child and parent. Fictional questions should be asked to the child who comes with fiction.

4. Are we all expected to be Sundar Pichai? Why not Mary Kom, M S Subbalaxmi, Tendulkar or Jamini Roy?

The name are used to define different avenues of growth.

Parents: Not necessary Sundar Pichai. At this age, it is too early to decide on this But we encourage in their field of interest.

Teachers: Every child is born with unique qualities. So, we should encourage them depending on their abilities and qualities.

Children: Allow me to decide what I want to be, but with support from elders. One said he did not know yet.

Our Expert Ms Gitanjali : According to her, the question should have been ” How inclusive are we? How accepting are we? Why can’t I say, I am my own self”? The power of being is important. We could be like that nagging drop of water in the bathroom, that change which can slowly multiply and bring in mass change. So, a child should be gifted the honesty. They should be allowed to choose what they want. Reward and punishment for a child should be looked at with moderation and honesty.

Gift Yourselves “YOURSELF”!!

The program continued with further question answer session.

Teachers asked about increasing attention span. Expert mentioned how to strengthen one’s mind. We all, children or elders must be allowed to do nothing sometimes. These days most of us are left with no idle time which is hazardous.

Parents who could not make it, really missed the opportunity/platform which school is creating passionately.

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