WE THE PEOPLE : TOPIC – “Adhyetri-Kartavyani”


TOPIC – “Adhyetri-Kartavyani”:  “Who is accountable for learning – Parent/Teacher/Learner?”


Ms.Aparna Athreya (a Storyteller, Story Coach, Trainer, Educator and Entrepreneur)

Aparna Athreya has worked extensively in the development and training in education and business. She started off her career as a software engineer and has worked 17 years in the software industry before moving into the field of education. Being a master storyteller, she uses the power of stories to create rich learning experiences across educational and corporate segments. She founded the Kid and Parent Foundation which runs developmental services for children, youth and professionals. The Kid and Parent Foundation has a team of developmental experts including Psychologists, Counselors, Creative educators and Developmental specialists, who put together structured, developmentally appropriate programmes. The organization runs training and development services in schools, institutions, corporates and NGOs. Story Triangle was founded in 2015, as a learning and development company for organizational development using Storytelling. She has done key-note addresses in senior leadership teams, school-principal summits and educational conferences. She has been featured as a TEDX speaker in Bangalore. She has been awarded Women Entrepreneur by Canara Bank in 2016. She was featured as a leading entrepreneur in The Hindu Metroplus in 2016. She strives to help children and adults discover themselves and help build communities in a mindful and responsible way. She was listed as a most influential woman in Bangalore by Polka Cafe in 2015.Her mantra to live by is to “Never let the child in us grow up!”

Her presence and opinions were deeply appreciated by all present for the programme.

Discussion as it unfolded:

1. As a child am I responsible enough to understand the aim of education? Is it just gathering facts or enlightening ourselves with the knowledge of values?

Student’s opinionated that they are aware about their responsibilities towards education and learning. They are focused towards their aim of becoming a better human being rather than staying solely well informed. They pondered around their belief that they should be allowed to learn from various modes and sources rather than staying confined within the boundaries of stipulated academic course. They urged and admonished for parental support and trust in their actions and belief.

Parents’ agreed that learning cannot be confined within limited sources but the children need parental guidance to explore the vast source of learning. Their guidance and interference was not because of their lack of trust but for their child’s safety and security. More over the concentration on academic courses should not be neglected as they are ultimately the benchmark for future success.

Teachers supported the parents and clarified that the students should explore the advised and recommended sources of learning. Wandering around though the immeasurable world of knowledge without proper guidance and channelized aim can lead to unavoidable negative consequences.

Expert voiced that learning though own experiences will lead to the emergence of social responsibility in every child. Motivated the parents and teachers to share their true experiences of failure and success to inculcate the values of life and develop a trustworthy relationship.

2. Who is responsible for overcoming the hurdles that come on my way to achieve my dreams?

Student’s perspective was that they need support and understanding from their parents and teachers to overcome the hurdles, which are created by them. They exemplified by saying that: emotional hurdles are created by

parents and teachers as they keep high expectations and compare their capabilities with other children; overburdening of project leading to excessive stress; clarification of doubts from multiple sources leading to further confusions and their expectations to excel in all the subjects.

They also stressed on the point that the teachers and parents are always ready to take the credit of their success then why they are not ready to blamed for their failure. They expect the emotional support from their parents and teachers. Parents opinionated that their aim is only to encourage and motivate them not to discourage or demotivate. They want their children to be more expressive to reduce the gap of understanding between them and their parents and teachers. Similarly, they expect their children to understand the modern education procedure to upgrade and equip themselves for the competitive world.

Teachers expressed that they never encouraged any comparison between the children and tried their level best to avoid creating emotional hurdles. They clarified about subject interlinking to make the students understand the necessity of learning all the subjects and even conducted integrated projects for practical demonstrations. Expert encouraged them by saying that success is a relative term and the children should be taught to enquire. Parents and teachers should be approachable and they need to adapt and adopt to connect with their children. And children need to understand that the intrinsic trust can be created only with their involvement and participation.

Ms.Aparna Athreya concluded by saying that learners responsibility is the sole and whole responsibility to reach their goal. Credit is often given to the provider but they are the ultimate hero of their life. Consequences, bad or good they should take it as their own responsibility. She said that both teacher and parent play a crucial role for every child and said that in today’s challenging time both have to play a responsible and sensible role so that the future generation can blossom.

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