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We the People a platform for open discussions on the Topic: Man is a cyber-animal -No more a social animal took place on 17/06/17, where students of std IX & X, parents and teachers expressed their viewpoints and impressions in the presence of a moderator and expert.

Ms. Shubhamangala Sunil was present as an expert for the occasion.

Ms. Sunil  is the Cyber Security Expert and CEO of Global Cyber Security Response team Pvt.  Ltd., (GCSRT). Founder of Women Cyber Security Cell (WCSC) She is a part of Anti Phishing Working Group, National Cyber Safety & Security Standards, Cyber Defense (NCSSS)Team, Indian police Department, Stop Think Connect and many more.

Currently she is the Asia ambassador for Stop Think Connect and a Core Technical Member of NCSSS.

Her presence and opinions was deeply appreciated by all present for the programme.
The sub topics discussed in the forum were:
1. Has the social networking improved the social skills?

Student’s opinionated social networking helps them connect to people of similar interests and helped them in improving social skills.
Parents opinionated about the downside of children connecting to unknown people and quoted an example of 13 year old having 4000 friends on Facebook, which could be a threat.

Teachers opinioned about the lack of verbal communication due to extensive use of social networks effect the students where he fails to have a proper body language and often resorts to bullying or distraction.

Expert voiced the need of parents to monitor the children about the usage of cyber. She explained children to be more vocal than to be cyber active as emoticons cannot be substituted with emotions. She emphasized that google is a mere a search engine not an expert in all the fields. She also emphasized that human touch is way better than cyber contacts as computers do not understand emotions it only understands 0 and 1.

2. Is social networks a stress buster or a stress builder?

Student’s opinionated that connecting to people is a stress buster and helps them learn new skills and helps in learning subjects better.
Parents thought social network usage by children to be a financial stress builder for them as it is an additional burden and also they are in constant stress to understand what their child is getting exposed to in cyber world?

Teachers reacted as it is a stress builder as it can affect student’s health resulting in tiredness (TATT Syndrome) tired all the time syndrome due to less sleeping hours and prolonged exposure to computer/mobile screen.
Expert concluded as it can be a stress builder and a stress buster depending upon the usage.

3. Has the social networking engagement increased the Juvenile crime rate?

Students opinionated that they can identify a predator and could potentially manage themselves in the cyber world.

Parents feared that children could become victims of cybercrime as they were very young to identify fake accounts.

Teachers suggested that the children need to communicate with parents and teachers in case of any crisis rather than communicate with their cyber friends.

Expert alarmed the audience by sharing the fact that India stands third in cybercrimes and 13,000 girls went missing in Karnataka alone last year due to cybercrimes. She also emphasized children to be aware of predators and not to become victims of cybercrime. She explained how phone and laptop cameras could be controlled by third party without the knowledge of the owner. She advised all the members of discussion forum not to use computers and phones in private places.

It was a mind boggling discussion which touched upon many untold sentiments, emotions and understanding related to cyber world.  The crux of the discussion was to drive the young minds towards living world around them. Making them a better human being for tomorrow’s world and not subhuman.

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