Dear Parents,                                                                                                                                                                              
Welcome to WHITEFIELD Global School for the 2018-19 School year.  Hope you had a very enjoyable and fruitful holidays with (y)our children.
We look forward to yet another exciting and productive year at WGS. We have planned to make this year too a special year of growth, development, and achievement for (y)our child.
As in the past, our faculty & staff will continue to reinforce a positive culture where the students are always Prepared, Reflective, Innovative, Data-driven and Engaged in learning and thus experience academic, social & emotional success. We are firm believers of the tri-party understanding and common goal of all three parties Рwe as the facilitators, you as the monitors and children as the learners Рin the development of (y)our children.  As such, we continue to respect, trust and value each other’s role in achieving the learning- for-life goal of the child. We look forward to have a smooth sailing of this year by all of us playing our roles effectively and efficiently.
As the new academic year is beginning, we need to discuss with the children about their goals and targets for this year. We will do it at school but I encourage you too to take some time off to discuss these goals with your children as that can go a long way in shaping their future. Consider it also as your investment in (y)our child 
In furtherance of our common objectives, we also request you to take part of all our parent activities to make your child happy. Your presence and participation in those activities will not only make him/her happy but also strengthen our bonding.
In the past year, we have noticed a need to enhance English reading and comprehending skills in children. Hence we are introducing “English proficiency Gold & Silver certificate program. The details of this will be shared with you through orientation mail. Please go through it. It gives an insight about our processes policies and procedures that we follow this year.
The following are school reopening dates;
Reopening Dates
The other classes have already began Std XI will be reopen on 14th of May.
If you wish to communicate anything to us personally, please follow the escalation Matrix given in the communicator. I promise that they will be attended to promptly within the overall policy, processes and structure of the School.
You are always welcome to share your constructive inputs, feedback and suggestions.  We will take them positively and work on all those ideas that are holistically possible in school environment and thus help further strengthen the home-school collaborative relationship.
In conclusion, we wish to reiterate that only collectively we can build a better citizenry of this country and therefore we seek your support by joining our hands in building their future.

Our Hearty Welcome to you to WGS !
With Best Regards
Sarada Chandrasekaran
Academic Director

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