Whitefield Global School, an educational initiative of Chalasani Education Trust, is a K-12 school providing CBSE curriculum. The school believes in progressive growth of the child hence has adopted a 3-step process of developmental curriculum: Basics, Fundamentals and Heuristics

Basics is the primary learning program which caters to the children of grades 1 to 5. The child is encouraged collaborate, cooperate& Create to learn .  The curriculum  concentrates on development of the conduct, Character, communication, combined with values  to groom them into global citizens.

Fundamentals is the middle school program for the grades 6 to 8  that  emphasizes on the Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs) which are a comprehensive set of learning goals that are fostered and developed across a student's entire educational experience. They reflect the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to meet the challenges of an ever-changing and complex world with continued concentration on the value based learning program of Basics.

Heuristics is the secondary and senior secondary level program that concentrates on CBSE board required learning which emphasises on comprehensive, conducive and coherent achiever.


The admission into any class is subject to availability of seats in that particular class and further subject to the child meeting the age requirements as per CBSE norms.

Children seeking admission into primary segment (grade1 to 5) would be required to attend an interaction session with the concerned Head.

Students seeking admission in to Secondary and Senior secondary level would need to qualify in the entrance examination to be conducted by the School.

 WGS organizes the Life Skills training and Work Experience through various Activity Clubs to suit the interest of the child. 

Activity Clubs that already are operational include:


S.No. CLUB COST TO CHILD Expected learning out come
a. ROBOTICS   (out sourced)   To Understand, identify and demonstrate operation of digital tools and technological systems.
b. VEDIC MATH 6000/-(out sourced)   To develop Photographic Memory, Mental & Creative Skills, Self-reliance and Self-confidence
d. TINKERING CHALLENGE 7500/-(out sourced) To learn, conceptualize, develop, experiment, and give shape to their scientific ideas.
e. PHOTOGRAPHY 7000/-(out sourced)  From understanding the composition of photograph, to knitting a story around series of photographs the child learns all the processes
f. KARATE In house  To be able to use punching, kicking, knee strikes, elbow strikes and open-hand techniques.
g. FOOT BALL In house To be able to represent the school in inter school Football competitions
h. BASKETBALL In house  To be able to represent the school in inter school basket ball competitions
i Hand-writing/Calligraphy  Club(Grade I) In house To learn proper organization and styling of writing resulting in better concentration, organizational skill  
j Speaker’s Club (Grade I-II) In house To be able to Communicate with proper expression, with an appropriate body language, pause, tone, tenor, and content.
k Sketch n Expression Club (Grade I) In house To be able to imagine, revise, evaluate and convert the idea into a piece of art.
l Home Science Club ( Grade I) In house To be able to make necessary food (without fire)for self in and others in time of need
m French Club (Grade I-II) In house To be able to recognize and communicate basic vocabulary
n Skating Club (Grade II – V): In house To be able to use 4  wheel skates on smooth surfaces without support

                                                                        VPA CLUB OPTIONS

  CLUB COST TO CHILD Expected learning outcome
a. Dance Club In house  To be able to use the convert  innate rhyme and rhythm of the body moments into an organized dance form with facial expressions.
b. Vocal Music Club In house  To be able understand, evaluate convert a piece of text into a rhythmic and synchronized song.
c. Art club In house To be able to imagine, revise, evaluate and convert the idea into a piece of art.