Work Experience

WGS Work Experience Clubs

Work Experience is part of WGS’s educational program where students experience the world of work, often for the first time. It is the exposure of students to real life work environment and situations, to provide insights into the industry, and the workplace in which they will be located. WGS always aims at holistic development of children through their innate learning strengths. Besides the study of core academic subjects, cultivation of essential soft skills is equally emphasized in our curriculum. WGS Work Experience Clubs aim at imparting skills through participation and performance in Games, Sports and Visual Arts.

WGS organizes Work Experience through various Activity Clubs to suit the interest of the child. Activity Clubs that already are operational include:

Karate Club
The Karate Club trains the students in skill of self-defence, endurance, flexibility and strengthening of muscles. Belt Exams will be conducted once or twice a year, depending on the progress of the child. Children who choose this club are required to bring their own karate dress.
Skating Club
Skating develops gross motor skills and psycho motor skills apart from balancing and recreational value. Like any other sports activity, it provides many health benefits. Moreover it combines fitness with fun.
Football Club
Playing football helps in improving motor skills and sensory motor coordination of the students. Further, it brings a host of other benefits of health and general wellbeing besides being a recreational game.
Art/Craft Club
Art/Craft is one of the oldest and most common forms of creative and colourful expression of ideas. Children with artistic aptitude find it very interesting to create unique artworks from the available resources. Activities of this Club include drawing, painting, sand work, origami, Best of the Waste, making puppets, kites and wall hangings etc.
Vocal Music Club
Vocal Music Club develops the essential skills of Music like the ability to internalize basic rhythms and pulse, ability to read musical notations, musical literacy, ability to perform with ease and technical efficiency, ability to hear the notes, ability to work creatively, harmonize and play by ear, ability to understand basic elements of music, ability to respond to the interpretive elements of the composition to express the emotional character of the music, ability to conceptualize and transfer musical ideas and the ability to perform comfortably individually and with others in a variety of settings.
Instrumental Music Club
WGS Instrumental Music club conducts training of playing Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Harmonium & Tabla.
Dance Club
Dance is yet another beautiful way of expression. It is a good physical exercise as well. WGS Dance club imparts training in Indian classical & semi-classical dance forms.

Clubs are available to different classes as per the following –

Work Experience (std. I – V)
Skating, Karate, Football, Art & Craft, Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Dance, Theatre.

Work Experience (std. VI –X)
Skating, Karate, Football, Art & Craft, Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Dance, Theatre.