Life Skill

WGS Life Skills Clubs

Educational curriculum at WGS goes beyond mere academic rigour to encompass a host of life skills that every child needs to acquire for a holistic education that would help him/her to face future challenges in life. These skills include social skills, thinking skills, decision making and problem solving skills, communication skills, reasoning skills to name some of them. These skills are taught through teaching in the classrooms or by enabling the children to directly experience life situations and solutions. Skills acquired are constantly monitored and honed to convert them in to good life habits.

WGS organizes the Life Skills training through various Activity Clubs to suit the interest of the child. Activity Clubs that already are operational include:

Entrepreneur Club
Members of this club are encouraged to start their own enterprises instead of depending on formal employment. Skills imparted here include conceptualizing, developing various types of businesses and management methods including money management.
Math Club
This Club nurtures and hones logical and numerical skill of the student members. Thus Club provides students opportunities to enhance their mathematical capabilities through direct experiential learning supplemented with classroom training.
Media Club
In this Club, students learn to develop their skills in visual and other forms of formal communication by using various technologies. In this process they understand role and importance of electronic and other forms of media in our society. They are also exposed to analyse and interpret media texts and the process of media production which in turn will equip them with the technical and the functional knowledge to build a career in media industry.
Innovator's Club
This Club aims to impart to its student members a scientific bent of mind through methodologies that fascinate them and sparks their interest in scientific endeavours. This Club ignites the minds of the students to discover for themselves scientific facts and the process of scientific inquiry that would lead them to innovate something new through experimental learning.
Designer's Club
Designers’ Club is designed to tickle the artistic mind of students and helps them to learn to research, design, create and use different materials and execute their new ideas to create fashion and luxury accessories by using latest technology. In process they gather technical and functional knowledge that go towards building a career in the Design industry.
Hospitality & Home Science Club

Hospitality & Home Science Club focuses on polishing and developing leadership skills, linguistic skills, enhancement of language, customer care, culture ,adaptability and adoptability, basics of financial management, apart from kitchen management, food preparations, flower arrangement and housekeeping . They also get to learn the importance of nutrition, technology, environmental awareness, and skills to combat middle childhood and adolescence problems, various life skills and skills like interior decoration, food preparation, child psychology etc.

This club equips aspiring students to choose hospitality as career.

Literary Club
This Club is meant for children who have their ways with the written word. This Club aims to enhance critical thinking, reading and writing, editing and reviewing skills, linguistic skill. Students of this Club can make their mark as critical thinkers, readers, reviewers as well as creative writers in their later life.
Heritage Club - Preserving India's Legacy
This Club seeks to conserve, nurture and propagate the rich and varied Indian heritage by making the students aware of the diverse Indian culture and tradition. As members of this Club, students visit heritage sites and get a firsthand knowledge of various heritage art and artefacts. To make this learning process fun-filled, the Clun also organizes competitions like the heritage quiz, role plays, awareness campaigns etc. WGS is also exploring possibilities of adapting a nearby heritage site and work towards its preservation through this Club.

Clubs are available to different classes as per the following –

Life Skills (std. I – V)  Math Club, Innovator’s Club, Designer’s Club, Home Science Club, Literary Club, Heritage Club.
Life Skills (std. VI –X)  Entrepreneur Club, Math Club, Media Club, Hospitality Club, Designer’s Club, Literary Club, Heritage Club.