Modern educational system has gone beyond just rote learning. As a forward looking school our educational curriculum is designed for the all round development of the child in mind, body and spirit especially from a tender age of 4.

Studies among school children under the age of 15 worldwide have found a strong link of physical fitness in children with their academic performance and classroom behaviour. The ability of the kids to perform and participate in a range of physical activities dramatically accelerates the overall learning process of children – including their ability to interact with others and the environment.

At WGS we believe that foot ball is a game that best suites the endeavor of developing skills in children. Foot ball develops- in an integrated way – the gross and fine motor skills of the tender children including leg, hand, eye coordination in addition to the agility and speed, mental concentration, goal focus and above all team spirit. Hence every year we organize a foot ball event ‘Viva-Vivacious’ – an inter school football tournament for the very young children of age 4.5 to 5.5 years. For last six years, WGS has been lifting the ‘Viva-Vivacious’ cup with pride.

Structured physical activity and sports can be leveraged as a powerful teaching tool for experiential learning– in a way which is visceral, engaging & fun for children. School uses structured physical activity and sports as a pedagogical tool for developing mental and behavioural skills and physical conditioning in children. Their curriculum is specifically designed for Nursery – 12 schools and according to the development needs of the children of different age groups. The school also comes with periodic assessments to track how fit the children are. The curriculum covers Motor skills, Locomotor skills, Manipulative skills, Non-manipulative skills, Rhythmic skills, Multi sport skills, Behaviour skills, Healthy living skills, etc. The whole programme is designed to work in sync with the school’s timetable, is age-appropriate and inclusive to cover all the children, operate in limited spaces and touch all the key stakeholders (children, teachers, parents).

Whitefield Global School is proud of having the largest skating rink of 25 mts radius and the basketball court together with the indoor games of Table Tennis, Carrom & Chess.

Constant music floats around from the well appointed Music room and everyone waits for the list of winners put up from time to time outside the Sports Room.

As a part of extra curricular activities the students are given coaching in Yoga, Skating, Karate, Dance, Music.