Alumni Testimonials 2

Alumni Speak for Coffee Book

My 7-year long journey at Whitefield Global School was the gateway to my career. The plethora of situations that were present there then, has helped me learn how to tackle daily situations at present. Sports, technical education, leadership qualities and management skills are just part of the tip of the learning iceberg at WGS. My teachers, the staff and the administration had helped me a lot during my stay at WGS and am fortunate to be an alumnus.


2018-19 Batch
B.Tech., VIT, Vellore

WGS was a special place for learning as the teachers were very cooperative and always used to help us out by clearing our doubts. The dynamic leadership of Sarada ma'am was really motivating. Every one of her stories really motivated me. Extracurricular activities were also held with full zeal to ensure the optimum balance between studies and other activities.


2018-19 Batch
Pursuing MBBS

WGS has totally been an all-time delight, filled with memories. It's a long journey to go, but WGS helped me grow as a person, made me a confident and better human to face society.


2021-22 Batch
Pursuing BHM, IHM Mumbai

WGS really helped me grow as a person. The variety of things we had, the kind of exposure we got was wonderful and i truly benefited from it personally. I have learned a lot of skills and habits here which are very useful in real life currently. Some friendships made here are for lifetime and made many memories here with all my people to look back and realise with a smile how good we all have grown.


2019-20 Batch
Pursuing B.Tech
(Electronics and Communication engineering)

For me WGS was the first school where the teachers took a genuine interest in me and told me I could do alright for myself if I put in the work. I also first learned how to spin a leg break when I was here.

I think if I do have a good career in something I'll look back at the years in WGS and say they were significant. When I first took an entry exam there was a Maths teacher who corrected my paper and called me in and said you did well and go through each answer and told me that you used different methods to what others did to get to the answer. She even complimented me on the fact that I asked where I had lost the one mark in that paper. Since that day there were some good days and some bad days, but that moment made me realize that hey I could be alright here if I am in the right frame of mind, and I give things a good crack. Before that day I hadn't studied at all for a while, and I was almost sure I'd flunk that exam but surprisingly i sort of grew in a positive way from that experience. And overall, that is what is good about this place. Most of the teachers, whether it's sports or studies, always give you confidence and that is what you need. You need to believe in yourself that you're good enough. Sure, that in part comes with being competent but if you have a bunch of experienced eyes telling you that you are alright then you will grow from that point. Sure, there are times where they do put their foot down, but you know implicitly that it's for your own good and not because they are trying to belittle you.


2016-17 Batch
Doctor, Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Center Bangalore